Custom Home Builder Website

The team at Construction World builds beautiful high rise apartments and luxury homes. They are based in Amman Jordan, but are wanting to expand their offerings to clients in the USA.


Construction World


HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript

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The brief

The owner of Construction World had a tight deadline and wanted a minimalistic website to act as a virtual brochure of his current residential projects. He needed to display dozens of images and wanted to include a link so that interested clients could download a .pdf of his brochure. He needed a simple logo created that wouldn't distract from his beautiful homes.

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The results

The finished website was created using Twitter Bootstrap. This responsive framework allowed us to quickly create his custom website within his alloted timeframe. We grouped his images into two separate galleries to distinquish between luxury homes and apartments. The galleries are also filterable so that the images can be grouped further. His completed website allows him to show off his elegant homes no matter where in the world he happens to be.